Zorr is a fan made region on a small contenit near the Unova region.

Towns and citys

  • Alamon town-your hometown and location of the pokemon lab
  • Zenatorr city-the location of the first gym and a secret house that is revealed to be the 8th gym
  • Starbound city-home of Team Techno's lab and the second gym
  • Hojoh town-a small town that contains some special objects that change the form of known legendary pokemon like Deoxys
  • Icecap city-the location of the third gym and hometown of Icidinna of the Elite four
  • Berrxion island-a small city that contains 2 gyms and is the home of Spouter of the Elite four
  • Zepoll town-a rural town that contains the route that takes you to the Battle frontier gate and is the location of Team Chaos' base
  • Xenafar city-a big city that is home to the safari zone and contains the 7th gym which is next to the route that takes you to the pokemon league


The routes in Zorr are numbered by continuing from Unova's routes up to 28.

The pokemon

In Zorr,the pokemon of Sinnoh,Johto,and Unova are found here.Because of this,the starter pokemon here are Piplup-water,Tepig-fire,and Chikorita-grass.


  • Zorr is the first region to have starters that are not from 1 region.
  • Zorr is the 2nd region to have the final gym in the first city,the other being Kanto.
  • Zorr is the 2nd region to have 2 criminal gangs,the other being Hoenn.
  • Zorr is the only region were the "o" in its name doesn't sound like "oh".