Name: Zevrey Type: Grass/Electric Ability: Overgrow Classification: Seedling Pokemon Pokedex-Amethest: Zevrey can be seen in lush fields of flowers. To Zevrey, A flower is like a Partner. Zevrey chooses a flower and that become its "Flower of Power" this serves as a power source. Pokedex-Opal: Zevrey was mutated from a plant. Zevrey's appearance differs depending on what plant it was mutated from. Its green skin is made of millions of microspopic leaves. Pokedex-Other: Zevrey likes to live in flower gardens. It returns to the garden it was born in once a year. Moveset: 0 Tackle 0 Growl 9 Leach seed 12 Razor Leaf 14 Thundershock 19 Vine whip 24 Thunderbolt 29 Thunder 34 Solarbeam National No. : 494 Vandre No. : 001

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