Zander is a trainer born in Showtime City and is the main character in The Pokémon fanime Forever.

Age 10 (Debut) now 13
First PokemonAipom


Born in Dewford Town, Hoenn. Then moved to Showtime City then Town at the age of 2 and met Thomas his longest friend to date when he was 10 he started his Pokemon journey he waits for Tom to have his Birthday then the go meet Amberan eager school freind gone a seperate way to the duo then they meet up. Zander was Going to have Torchic as a starter, but Prof Birch said the Pokemon at the lab were taken by Summer with Treecko, Alexa with Torchic and Joshi with Mudkip and on the plus side he was on holiday in the Johto Region then he went to visit him he gave him 7 Poke Balls he explored the next day for a Pokemon around the sea and day till night and just before he slept a Aipom soaked and hungry so he fed the Aipom and later she hopped into one of his poke balls which he later decorated to green when he entered the Seal Of Sinnoh. Then The trio Met Candy and to that day the The Wow group was born, with Zander, Leader, Codename:Baby. Amber, Codename: Cool, Thomas, Codename: Hip Hip Hooray and not forgetting Candy, Codename: What do you think?


Zander has a few main goals in life one is to be be a ace trainer and he has more yet to be known.Then He Got into contests when his Aipom and Chinchou loved them so he got his pass to be a Pokémon Coordinator and well later he won the contest this was a real shock to him and he met Amber who came in the top 4 in the contest and he said: "Can you travel I am a bit lonely"?

Then she said yes and from winning his first of many ribbons. Another goal is to be the best tag team with Amber. (Thomas Went To Get His Next Gym Badge). Yet another is like Brock to be a gourmet chef.

In Kanto, Zander decided he wanted to see all of the legendary birds, which he eventually achieved.

Other Anime

He appears in the Sinnoh Gf Saga With Dawn Dp182-Dp187. In which, Zander Is A judge replacing Mr.Contesta who is on holiday in Pastoria City. He loves the appeal rounds he demonstrated To Dawn a tip with 1 Type only using 1 move only his Milotic's Waterfall in not just one style but he used two long to thin. Fans of the show loved it when Zander met Brock making fine dishes twice as better with even the duo making food for the Pokemon too!


He is a sort of Mr. Nice Guy Type from his dad Mike and is also very eager in battles and will never give up (only if his Pokémon are tierd which he has done multiple times). He is called the baby of his mates because of his goal that size does not matter to win.


You can relax now.

Now Now Calm mind like my Pokémon Ralts.

It is Zanderz X, X, X,. (Echoes).

Food is a great way to make your day.


In The Games

He appears in a game yet to be known but he says go restore your Pokémon then we can battle this will happen when you have just won your third contest he will say later that he missed the contest so he will give the player a battle instead he also gives the player the choice to heal there Pokémon his team is as follows;

First Battle:

Female Milotic Lv.60 Waterfall Blizzard Twister Surf

Female Lopunny Lv.71 Drain Punch Jump Kick Shock Wave Cut

Female Aipom Lv.48 Focus Punch Double Team Swift Attract Silk Scarf Prize 2009

and He also gives you a egg which hatches into a female Aipom.

Second Battle:

The next time you battle him he is in the players home when the player Has Beaten the Elite Four and went back home. Male Sandslash Lv.59 Sandstorm Scratch Rock Tomb Rollout

Female Lopunny Lv.72 Drain Punch Jump Kick Shock Wake Grass Knot

Male Ludicolo Lv 95 Water Gun Giga Drain Rain Dance Energy Ball

Female Aipom Lv.69 Nasty Plot Double Kick Swift Attract Silk Scarf Prize 6077


  • Best Haircut in Hoenn (1st)
  • Cherrygrove ribbon
  • Whirl Cup (Top 16)
  • Azela ribbon
  • Goldenrod ribbon
  • Extreme Pokémon (Champion) Zander set the record in extreme Pokémon At first Zander found it cruel he watched a video of the previous year champion and his Poliwrath so he used Lanturn And Lanturn hopped in 2 miniutes and 34 Seconds making him Eggster's Extreme Pokemon World record Breaker beating Amber and her Fearow by 8 seconds.(2 miniutes and 42 Seconds)
  • Olivine ribbon
  • Blackthorn ribbon
  • Pokémon Cosplay
  • Johto Grand Festival (Top 32)
  • Alto Mare Canal Race (6th)with milotic
  • Jubifile ribbon
  • Floaroma ribbon
  • Solaceon ribbon
  • Pokémon Cosplay Sinnoh
  • Wallace Cup (Top 8)
  • Hearthome Collection (3rd Place)
  • Hearthome ribbon
  • Seal of Sinnoh (110th)
  • Snowpoint ribbon
  • Sunyshore ribbon
  • Sinnoh Grand Festival (Top 64)
  • Fallarbor ribbon
  • Vendanturf ribbon
  • Lotto Lotad (Winner)
  • Fortree ribbon
  • Lilycove ribbon
  • Mossdeep ribbon
  • Hoenn Grand Festival (Winner!)
  • Pallet ribbon
  • Pokémon Orienteering
  • Lavander ribbon
  • People and Pokémon Cosplay
  • Ranger for a day (6th)


On Hand


  • Duskull Male
  • Cyndaquil Male
  • (Gedude, Gravler) Golem Male
  • (Chinchou) Lanturn Female
  • (Sunkern) Sunflora Female
  • Torchic Female
  • Manectric Male
  • (Chingling) Chimecho Female
  • (Lotad Lombre) Ludicolo Male
  • Zander's Swablu Swablu Female
  • Ralts Male
  • (Feebas) Milotic Female
  • Luvdisc Female
  • Piplup Female
  • Bidoof Female
  • (Buneary) Lopunny Female
  • (Tanglea) Tangrowth Female
  • Buizel Male
  • (Sandshrew) Sandslash Male
  • Chatot (Giant)
  • (Machop, Machoke) Machamp Male
  • Bouffalaunt
  • Vanillish
  • Gothitelle
  • Rufflet
  • Ducklett
  • Dwebble

From Trade

  • Oddish (Recived from a random trade for His Dratni but was accidental and was immeadeitly after switched back)
  • (Nosepass)Probopass was Amber's old Pokemon and was traded for Zander's Rampardos.


  • Dratni (From a random trade for Arcanine but was accidental and was immeadeitly after switched back)
  • Rampardos (Nosepass was traded for this Pokemon From Amber which is now a Probopass)

At Daycare

  • Espeon Female
  • Jolteon Male
  • Vaporeon Female

With Espeon, Vaporeon and Jolteon, Zander is a E-Lution Master


  • Zander's Natu Male
  • Sealeo Female
  • Banette Female
  • Feebas (Given to a small boy, after he let Zander catch a Duskull which the boy wanted.


  • Skarmory Male
  • Pelipper Male


  • Wingull Male


  • He has a green Pokéball when sending out his Ambipom.
  • He has a blue Pokétch.
  • His Aipom in the games is like in the anime they both use the same moves.
  • When it was the time for Nintendo revealed Zander would be in a game fans said it was fake because the date was April 1st (April Fools Day) then the next day (April 2nd) Nintendo tried again this time it worked a sucess peoplewere going mad waiting for the game to be in stores.
  • When he got back home after winning the Hoenn Grand Festival his room changed a lot.In his room back in Showtime City Electrode clock with a voltorb in it A BIG Snorlax pillow a Jigglypuff radio a Donphan bowling ball a Sudowudo door and a a Diglet door Handle a Luvdisc bin and a Sunkern and Magikarp and Feebas the most common and so called weak of Watmo City poster.
  • Zander taught Natu and the word was (Battle).
  • Out of the 6 times he has given up 3 of them has been for Ambipom and against Amber and her Muk all in the Kanto reigion.
  • None of Zander's starter pokemon have never fully been evolved:
    • Cyndaquil, Charmeleon, Piplup, Torchic all, only one has evolved which is Charmeleon.
  • Zander has got every fire type starter apart from Chimchar from it's homeland Sinnoh instead he got Piplup from Sinnoh.

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