Zack is one of the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Genesis. He uses the Electric-Type and hands out the Vortex Badge to those who defeat him.

Early life

There is currently no info about Zack's past life.

In The Game

Zack has a cool and collected nature. By using the TrainerScope, it reveals that his Pokémon all have the Serious Nature too. Blair has a crush on him and, by getting them together, you receive both TM35 (Flamethrower) and TM24 (Thunderbolt). There is a large amount of glitches and fan speculation surrounding him (see Interesting Facts).


  • Electrike
  • Manectric
  • Electivire
  • Banette
  • Luxray

Interesting Facts

  • Zack has a very enigmatic sprite that has spawned many rumors. Many fans seems to see a strange bunch of lines on Zack's arms that many believe to behis hair. However, on some consoles there are no lines and on some consoles the lines are a turquoise blue. Also, once the player defeats Zack 1000 times he transforms into a giant Chimchar. Fans believe that this is because Blair has possessed him.
  • If you defeat Zack 9000 times (something near impossible, but accessible through cheating) and talk to him five more times after that, he will ignore you the first five times. However, on the sixth time, he says: "Hold on, I'm getting a vision............... yes, I see an AO, in a white and black box, on a bigger box. At the top is... No, that can't be..... that's the logo...." After this, Zack will resume battling you whenever you speak to him.

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