What Cave? Diglett Cave!
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Everyone is in the Pokemon Center after having breakfast.

Jon: Shall we get going?

Drake: Yeah.

Everyone leaves the Pokemon Center and make their way to Diglett's Cave.

Josie: Here we are, Diglett's Cave.

Mary: Wonder what Pokemon live in here? Apart from Diglett and Dugtrio of course.

They all enter the cave and see a lot of workers around.

April: There's a lot of workers.

The boss worker walks up to them.

Jeremy: Hey, I'm Jeremy. Are you trying to get through?

Josie: Yes, we are. I'm Josie.

Jon: I'm Jon and this is my partner Typhlosion and this is Rotom-Dex.

Typhlosion: Ty.

Rotom-Dex: Nice to meet you.

Drake: I'm Drake.

Mary: I'm Mary.

April: And I'm April.

Jeremy: If you want to go through this cave, you have to be very careful as there are some Geodude, Graveler and Golem that are causing a lot of trouble.

About 10 Diglett then appear by Jeremy.

Diglett: Dig Dig Dig!

Jeremy: What are you trying to tell me?

Jon: That Golem is planning to come down here.

Drake: Golem is?

As by magic, Golem is at the top of a small ridge, with a Graveler next to it and a few Geodude around him. They are all Alolan.

Mary: Alolan Golem, Graveler and Geodude.

Josie:They are all Rock and Electric Types!

April: I wonder why they are here?

All of the Geodude use Thunderbolt towards the workers, causing them to retreat back to Jeremy, Jon, Josie and the others.

Jon: That wasn't nice!

Golem: Lem!

Jon: I know you don't care.

Drake sends out Drampa and Dartrix.

April: What are you doing?

Drake: We need to teach them a lesson. They can't get what they want all the time.

Mary: Drake is right, the Diglett are petrified.

The 10 Diglett are shaking.

Jon: Then let's battle them. Go!

Jon sends out Bounsweet.

Josie: Tsareena!

Josie sends out her Tsareena. Tsareena and Bounsweet smile at each other.

Jon: We'll have to save the reunion for later.

The Geodude, Graveler and Golem all use Rock Blast.

Drake: Dartrix, Energy Ball and Drampa use Shadow Ball!

Jon: Razor Leaf!

Josie: Energy Ball!

Everyone launches their moves and they connect and cancel out the Rock Blast.

Jeremy: This is very unsafe.

Mary: They don't care.

Golem uses Thunder, Graveler and the Geodude use Thunderbolt. The moves hit everyone's Pokemon.

Jon: Are you all okay?

All of the heroes Pokemon get up.

Josie: That's a relief.

Drake: Thunder Wave!

Drampa uses Thunder Wave and the move hits the Geodude, but they absorb the electrical charge.

Drake: What?

Jon: They are electric types.

Golem uses Steamroller towards Tsareena but Bounsweet jumps in the way, taking the full force of the attack.

Jon: Bounsweet!

Bounsweet gets up but weakly.

Tsareena: Tsa!

Bounsweet: Sweet.

Josie: Trop Kick!

Tsareena uses Trop Kick on Golem, causing a lot of damage.

Drake: Leafage!

Dartrix uses Leafage and hits the Geodude.

Josie: Good attack!

Golem, Graveler and the Geodude begin to glow.

Mary: Why are they glowing?

Jon: They are using Explosion!

Jeremy: That can cause the whole cave to be destroyed!

Mary: I really hope they are male.

Josie: What?

Mary sends out Vulpix.

Josie: You have an Alolan Vulpix!

Mary: Attract!

Vulpix uses Attract on the Geodude, Graveler and Golem and they stop glowing and all have hearts in their eyes.

Drake: Great work.

Mary: Powder Snow!

Vulpix uses Powder Snow and hits the Geodude.

Jon: Energy Ball!

Bounsweet uses Energy Ball and the move hits Graveler.

Josie: Energy Ball too!

Tsareena uses Energy Ball at Golem, hitting. Now they have all broken out of infatuation.

Jon: I was thinking that may happen!

April: Now what?

Josie: We just have to beat them.

Drake: Energy Ball and Dragon Rage!

Jon: Razor Leaf!

Josie: Energy Ball!

Mary: Ice Shard!

Dartrix and Drampa hit the Geodude, Bounsweet and Tsareena hit the Golem, while Vulpix hits Graveler. All the Pokemon have been knocked out. Soon they wake up and begin to cry.

Jeremy: Why are they crying?

Graveler: Ler, Graveler.

Geodude: Dude Dude.

Jon: If that was the case, then why not talk to the Diglett and Dugtrio.

Mary: What is it?

Jon: They want to live here but they feel like Diglett and Dugtrio will say no so they never asked.

Josie: You won't know until you ask. Can they Diglett?

The Diglett all look at each other and then nod and smile. Golem, Graveler and the Geodude stop crying and smile.

Diglett: Diglett!

Geodude: Geo.

Golem: Golem!

They all move deeper into the cave and out of sight.

Jeremy: Thanks for the help.

Jon: No problem.

Josie: We should get going.

Drake: Yeah. Good jobs guys.

Everyone returns their Pokemon.

Jon: See you around.

They all begin to walk through the cave. After traversing the cave, they find the exit and leave. They then see Konikoni City.

Jon: I never asked, why are you going to Konikoni City?

Josie: It's my home town. Haven't seen my family for a long time. We own a ranch there you see.

Mary: Jon's family runs a ranch too.

Josie: Cool.

Drake: I'll race you all to the Pokemon Center!

Drake runs off.

April: That's cheating!

Mary: Yeah!

April and Mary run off in pursuit.

Josie: What a bunch of kids.

Jon: Yeah.

Jon and Josie smirk at each other and then run off too. The screen freezes at the sky.

Narrator: After helping Torracat master Fire Fang, out heroes went to Diglett's cave, where they had to stop Golem, Graveler and some Geodude as they were causing trouble, but they were causing trouble as they thought they wouldn't be liked by the Diglett, which wasn't the case. Now, our heroes have reached Konikoni City.

Major Events

  • Our heroes progress through Diglett's Cave.
  • Josie's Tsareena is revealed to know Trop Kick and Energy Ball.


Jon Spencer

Drake Milford

Mary Potts

April Cass

Josie Adams