Type: Dragon/Electric No. Zap Dragon Pokemon Stage: basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Hydroltage at level 26 Height: 5'09 Weight: 112.07 Ability: Lightning Rod Pokemon Dex Entry: During thunderstorms, it points its tail skywards to collect energy from thunderbolts.


- astonish

4 thunder wave

9 growl

12 headbutt

17 twister

20 thundershock

25 rain dance

28 dragon dance

33 dragon pulse

36 iron tail

41 charge beam

44 zen headbutt

49 outrage


toxic hidden power sunny day light screen protect rain dance safeguard frustration iron tail thunderbolt thunder return psychic shadow ball double team reflect shock wave flamethrower fire blast facade secret power rest Attract charge beam endure dragon pulse flash thunder wave captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

cut strength defog

Egg Moves

curse headbutt dragon rush roar fire fang thunder fang discharge charge

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