Vincent is one of the main characters in the fanfiction, Pokemon Oren written by Master Palkia. You can read the story on his userpage.

Age 10
First PokemonMeco
Interests/Hobbies Pokemon Training, Catching Grass Pokemon
Clothes Green Shirt with a Brown Vest and Blue Jeans
Battle Record vs. Trainers 0-0-0 (as of first episode)
Oren League Top 25 Ranking Unranked (as of first episode)


Vincent just started his Pokemon Journey with his two friends Alex and Zach. He chosse Meco a grass type Pokemon for this first Pokemon.

Interests and Hobbies

Vincent loves to catch grass Pokemon. He one day hopes to have captured every single grass Pokemon.


Vincent wears a green shirt with a brown vest and blue jeans.

Important Possessions

His Pokedex and his Grass Pokemon Book. His Grass Pokemon Book alows him to record all his data on the grass Pokemon he catches.


Vincent is a very inergetic person. He loves to walk around in the forests of the Oren Region.


His first Pokemon was Meco a grass type Pokemon.


Moves: Tackle, Scratch

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