Verdanturf Pokémon School is a fictional Pokémon school created by icemew for the fanfiction Lucki.

The school is located in Verdanturf, which has the advantage of parents sending their children to benefit from the legendarily healthy and clean air. Students are taught a variety of information about Pokémon, ranging from the obvious, on Pokémon types, raising and battling, to the more obscure, such as classes about Pokémon species that are common pests in human settlements.

Students enter at ten and generally graduate at thirteen to start their Pokémon journey, unless held back. The school provides a wide range of Pokémon for starters. An incomplete list of the Pokémon offered: Eevee, Taillow, Bulbasaur, Skarmory, Growlithe, Mudkip, Barboach, Totodile, Sandshrew, Cyndaquil, Elekid, Magby, Torchic, Tauros, Chikorita, Rattata, Zubat, Mareep, Ponyta, Diglett, Treecko, Teddiursa, Charmander, Machop, Squirtle. Some of the offered Pokémon are also shiny Pokémon. Unusually for fanfiction, multiples of a single species are offered, especially with the most popular Pokémon such as Eevee. All of these Pokémon are kept in the school's distinctive white Pokéballs.