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Most Annoying Enemies in Video Games

Zubat misty kasumi by jun harvel-d4hn3xg

Misty: The Vampire Princess

Misty is a Vampire Princess in the world of Pokemon.


Sometime after the final episode of the final season of Pokemon, Professor Nambas latest experiment on how radiation can effect Pokemon resulted in an explosion that took his life but also mutated a Ponyta and Zubat before the two escaped with one of them heading to the Ceruleon City Gym. The radioactive Pokemon than bit Gym Leader Misty on the right side of her neck before it died from radiation poisoning, and than about an hour later, Misty became a brand new breed of Vampire and The Vampire Princess. She has the ability to turn into a Zubat/human hybrid whenever she wishes and gains even more strength and power after drinking either Pokemon or human blood, but can still eat human food and drink human beverages. In her human Zubat form, she is weak to garlic and can get very easily sunburned in direct sunlight unless she puts on her favorite water proof sunblock, her skin will also burn if she tuches anything made of silver like Lugia's wing's. Even though she is now permanently a Vampire, Misty is not evil, but must keep her transformation a secret or risk persecution and prejudice by and from other humans. Only Ash, Brock, May, Max, Dawn, Ashs mom, Professor Oak and her three elder sisters know of her secret.

Notes and Trivia

  • The only other radioactive Pokemon (Ponyta) would later permanently turn Team Rocket grunt Jessie into a Ponyta themed female Centar.
  • Misty hates what she's become, but knows that she will never be normal again, ever.

Misty's Pokemon Moves

  1. Absorb (for drinking blood)
  2. Hypnosis (to put her prey under her command)
  3. Fly (because she has wing's)
  4. Bite (in order to drink blood)

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