Valio is next to Orre from Colloseum and XD: gale Of Darknesss.There is an island called The Reigon Of Legends. The Reigon of Legends is where all legendary pokemon are born. The creator of it is Arceus and his creations (Dialga, Palkia, the three lake pkmn in Diamond/Pearl), and the other reigons were created by the legendary pokemon in Valio. Valio is able to be traveled to, but it is said that The Reigon Of Legends is more invisible than Mirage Island, and we know how invisible that is. Only after you fuse with Haru, the pokemon leader, can you visit The Reigon Of Legends. When you enter The Reigon Of Legends, you are turned into your Aura Beast, which is your aura spirit that is different in all living beings.

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