Valianine is a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokémon native to the Daisan Region. Its name derives from 'valiant' and 'feminine'.


Valianine resembles a humanoid mix between a fox and a cat, with long ears, a thick bushy tail, a shortened skull, and a slender, agile build. It stands about 4 feet, 8 inches high. This Pokémon is very closely related to the Eevee evolutionary chain and there are noticeable similarities. Valianine is mostly light grey, with red thighs and other markings. A very conspicuous physical feature of Valianine is a pair of large and prominent ear-like extensions that sweep backwards from the left side of its head. These extensions allow Valianine to sense the strange emotional energy force known as Ambiance. They also render the Pokémon’s head asymmetrical. It also often has a tuft of fur hanging over slightly to the right of its face, which sometimes even covers the right side of its face entirely.

Gender differences

There are no gender differences because Valianine is always female. Although Valianine is now known to be the same species as the male form, Valiator, the considerable difference between the two genders is so large that the two were initially believed to be separate species. By the time it was found that they were of the same species, the names had already stuck.

Personality tendencies

Valianine developed the ability to sense the precise emotions of other Pokémon through the emotional energy force known as Ambiance. As a result, Valianine can relate to and comprehend the feelings of others to a degree that few other Pokémon can understand. Valianine is always very compassionate and understanding, and will aid any Pokémon it comes across that is in need. It often puts its life on the line helping other Pokémon. Valianine that are owned by Trainers are extremely loyal companions to their masters.

Abilities and interesting traits

Valianine’s most conspicuous ability is its highly developed ability to sense the Ambiance of other Pokémon using the ear-like extensions on the left side of its head. This allows it to exactly replicate and feel the emotions of other Pokémon. This ability has only been confirmed to be shared to the same extent by the Pokémon Neonine/Neonitor, Bentanine/Bentor, Sekhion, Raelios, and SEA-J. Valianine also has a highly developed brain, allowing it to use powerful psychokinetic abilities.

Habitat and habits

Valianine does not have a definite habitat. It wanders seemingly all over the place, following its sense of Ambiance to reach and aid Pokémon that are in need of help. Valianine is almost always on the move, only stopping to eat, rest, and to assist other Pokémon.

You are Valianine

You can understand the emotions of others to a degree we can’t comprehend. As a result, you are extremely compassionate and understanding and almost anyone can find a friend in you. You travel all over the place to selflessly help those who are in need. You value your life because you can use it to aid others and make the world a better place.


Type: Psychic/Fighting

Egg Type: Field

Ability: Steadfast

Signature move: None

Base Stats

HP: 65

ATK: 100

DEF: 65

SP ATK: 130

SP DEF: 65

SPEED: 120

AVERAGE: about 90.8

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