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June 9, 2010
  • I live in the Missouri St. Louis Metro Area
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is videns et vincens musica!
  • I am a female tech/music geek robot-fish-thing that helps out on any wiki
Welcome to my userpage! If you need help, use my talk page!
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Universal's Userpage

Sophie Uni, DM, Dialga
DialgaMaster Dialga
Age Infinite
Gender Female
Eye color Hazel (Mostly green shades, appears brown)
Hair color Dark Brown
Hometown St. Louis-ish, Missouri
Country United States
Friends/Relatives Commander Lightning, 1LugiaLover, KPZSR1 (retired), Blazefur6776 (a friend I've had about as long as Commnader Lightning fron YouTube) See below for more
Abilities Administrator, Bureaucrat
Talents Music, Art
Games Pokémon Emerald (on elite 4), Pokémon Leafgreen (completed), Pokémon Diamond (completed), Pokémon Platinum (completed), PMD Time (completed), PMD Darkness (completed), PMD Sky (completed), Pokémon White (completed), Pokémon SoulSilver (Completed, but glitchy), Star Wars: Knights of the old republic (halfway, disk corrupted), Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (60% completed), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (completed), PokéPark: Pikachu's adventure (complete), Wii Sports 1 and 2
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of PokéFanon League
Champion of PokéFanon
Specialty No Preference
Knowledgeable about Coding, Templates, mediaWiki Messages, other techie stuff
Universalguardian1003's edit count 11,613
Member of PokéFanon
Rank Maintainer)

Hi! I'm Manager Uni! I help out whenever I have time. (Call me uni or DM for the sake of convenience) Subscribe Universal

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About me

I guess I am a musician that is a science nerd. I don't have much time for much mainspace activity anymore with my schoolwork and stuff, but I try to put some time into things. I'm a bit of a perfectionist workaholic, so if a job isn't done right, don't do it. I might edit your pages for consistency purposes, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Describe Me (For users that know me well only)

My purpose

I am the person in charge of the tech-y stuff for the wiki and I usually just spend my time helping the community as the manager. If you have any questions or requests, ask me.

I can make new rollbacks, admins, and other bureaucrats with my bureaucrat rights, but you must be voted into the position. I can also make moderators, and I'll just give that to you if I trust you enough. I can write and read well if you need me to. I'll critique articles, and help with grammar and spelling. I’ll seriously try help with ANYTHING.

A few Nicknames

I'm guessing a few of you can't figure out what to call me. My username is kinda long. You can call me Uni, Universal, UG, UG1003, Dialga, Tyranitar, Mudkipie, DM, DialgaMaster, or by Sophie


The lower the number, the higher my trust level.

  • Level 1

Council, HOF, and staff members.

  • Level 2

Users that help out around the wiki.

  • Level 3

Most people.

  • Level 4

People who ask repetitive questions without circumstances changing or checking the FAQ on asking on the help page.

  • Level 5


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