Umbro is a character in Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain, the third installment of Morpher01's Shadows of Fear fanfiction series. He is a minor character, but has had several significant appearances.

Umbro's name is derived from "umbra", a word for "shadow". It also refers to a Weavile's black coloring.

Ten years before

While Skull was busy stirring up a rebellion, Umbro was in Sinnoh as a Coordinator Pokémon owned by Harley, a notorious character in the Pokémon anime. Evidently, the Weavile was very skilled, as he recieved much respect during his time as a Coordinator Pokémon. Eventually, however, Harley abandoned Umbro out in Eterna Forest, where the Weavile's anger and hate of humankind took over all sensations. Sometime during that period, his daughter Ebony the Sneasel was born, indicating that he mated during his time in Eterna Forest.

Blast from the past

Ten years later, when Skull was traveling with Anabel in Sinnoh, Umbro and the now ten-year-old Ebony came to Hearthrome City for Umbro's revenge. As Skull wanted Pokémon and humans to live in harmony (without Pokémon training, of course), he leapt on stage to fight Umbro, who insisted that the two fight on his rules: he and Skull duel first, then Cubon and Ebony fight. Ultimately, Skull and Cubon won, and the two Sharp Claw Pokémon left, but not before Ebony said to them "we might meet again".

In chapter five, Umbro was apparantley re-captured by Harley, and entrusted Ebony to Skull. It is revealed by Ebony that Umbro believed that Skull was a good Pokémon, and would no doubt protect Ebony as he would his own son.

It was revealed in chapter 10 that Umbro was traded to none other than Skull's former trainer, Eldes, by Harley. What Harley traded Umbro for is not mentioned.

Unique yet indifferent

Umbro, in physical appearance, is like any average Weavile. Of interesting note, however, is his ability to speak both English and Pokémon language. This may be a result of attempts to learn the language over a ten-year period.


Umbro is similar to Skull in several ways. Like Skull, he is not above holding a grudge against humans, and also like Skull, he prefers doing things his way. In several ways Umbro could be seen as a friendly rival to Skull, seeing as they are similar and different at the same time.

He seems to have an amount of respect for Skull, seeing as (according to Ebony) he believes the Marowak to be a good being. He has also entrusted his own daughter to Skull's protection, indicating that he also trusts Skull with the most precious of things.


Umbro is capable of using Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Icy Wind and Shadow Ball, sometimes combining the latter two into a ball of ice to hurl at opponents. He has also demonstrated the ability to throw two Shadow Balls at once. likely as a result of Contest training. He is a clever individual, sometimes using Icy Wind to freeze an attack before it can do damage to him.

Although they were never touched upon in the fiction, Umbro has a Weavile's typical weaknesses to Fire, Rock, Bug and Fighting-type attacks. Also, being a pure Pokémon, he is strongly effected by Skull's Shadow End attack.