Tyranitar UD

Member of
Team Pseudo-Legend
Metagross and Garchomp
Sand Stream, Unnerve, and Intimidate
Pound, Quake, Fire Breath, Fireproof, and Laser Claws

Tyranitar is a Rock/Dark-type Pokémon and a member of Team Pseudo-Legend in Pokémon: Universal Defender.


Tyranitar was raised by his mother only, as his father was in prison. He was not raised well, because his mother could not afford much.When he went to school, he coped with his diffiult life at home by bullying smaller kids. He did this all his life, until he got to high school. He was helped through his aggression and hard family life by Metagross and Garchomp, who afterwards became his best friends. Despite the fact he is no longer a bully, he is still a very aggressive Pokémon, and he is considerably valuable to his team.


Tyranitar is very aggressive. He is typically sleepy and hungry while at the camp with his team (the only Pokémon more uncivilized than him is Beedrill). However, when he gets on the battle field, he becomes a raging ball of fury and power. It is difficult to calm Tyranitar once he is on the field (the only Pokémon more aggressive than him is Rhyperior).

Skills and Powers

Tyranitar has fireproof skin. He can breathe fire, he can cause earthquakes, and he has a very threatening pound. He can increase his speed in a sandstorm with his Sand Stream ability, and he has very threatening strength and power. He also fights accompanied by his weapons, the Laser Claws, which give him a terrifying advantage in battle.