NameTwo Lonely Souls
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First postedMarch 2006
Writing StyleSecond

Two Lonely Souls was an attempt by Xtra, to write a story joking about the fact that Wynaut sounds like it's saying "Why not?". The intention never materialized, but it did evolve into a feel-good story. The pokemon are unnamed past their species names, which has become something Xtra does for all of his pokemon stories.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The story starts with a female Pikachu running for her life from the Arbok slithering after her. It's also revealed that the Arbok already ate her child, and is now after her.

She was able to KO the Arbok by shocking it after it followed her in a river. However, she was too tired to make it the rest of the way to the other side of the river, so the Pikachu let the current carry her until she was able to climb on a rock and fall asleep.

When she woke up, she found that night has fallen. she makes her way to shore and thinks about what she lost. She thinks back to her mate, who was caught by a trainer, and the last moments of her son's life (while she was paralyzed by a Glare).

The Pikachu wasn't watching where she was going, and tripped over an egg. She examined it, and was there when a Wynaut hatched. Thinking Pikachu was it's mother, it waddled over to her.

The Wynaut indicated that he was hungry by tugging on the pokemon's fur. The Pikachu reasoned that "just this once won't hurt", and fed it. Depending on the version, it was either breast milk or a nearby apple.

Afterwards, she asked around to see where the parents were, and a Noctowl (Spearow in the earlier versions) told her that trainers have caught both the parents. Then he said that she should be the one to take care of him.

Thinking of herself as a failure, for losing her biological son, she protests. The Noctowl told her that sometimes fate intervenes in various ways. That makes her think, and she ultimately decides to be a mother for the Wynaut child.

Spoilers end here.


This story has been posted in,,, and an edited version on the Nsider forums.

Author Thoughts

Though it wasn't what Xtra originally had in mind, he also thinks it turned out well. He has no intention of a rewrite or a sequel. Even with the editing, the Nsider version is probably the best one if you want to read it.

Reviewer Thoughts

Reviews were mostly positive, one reviewer saying that he expertly dove into the internal conflict and gave a conclusion that is remarkably poignant without being overly sappy.

There was criticism about the lack of characterization and the choices of some characters, leading to changes in the newer versions. Some were also grossed out by the fact that the Pikachu breast fed the Wynaut.