Turkretin Type: Dark/Flying No. The Dopey Pokemon Stage: basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: none Height: 3'01 Weight: 87.02 Ability: Own Tempo Dex entry: It scratch's the earth while gobbling dumbly to itself.


Learned Moves

- poison jab

7 tackle

9 growl

13 faint attack

19 air cutter

21 amnesia

25 punishment

31 fury attack

33 endure


toxic hidden power taunt hyper beam protect frustration iron tail return dig double team aerial ace torment facade secret power rest attract thief steel wing snatch roost false swipe fling endure payback giga impact captivate dark pulse sleep talk natural gift swagger pluck substitute

cut strength rock smash

Egg Moves

faint attack mirror move drill peck sand attack night shade confuse ray

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