Spy Rikot

Lv 15 Chimecho

Lv 15 Spearow

Defeat this Sinister man's Chimecho with a bite from Umbreon.His spearow might use Facade which won't do too much damage unless he is hit with poison or Paralysis or a burn.Defeat Spearow with a Return.After this he will run off Pissed with your interference

Team Snagem Grunt Reihu

Lv 15 Dustox

Lv 17 Cherubi

Defeat Dustoxx with Psychic From Espeon.Use bite to defeat cherubi in 2 hits.After that he will run off

Go in to the mayor's house and Rikot will battle you revealing that he is a member of Team Blaster

Blaster Grunt Rikot

Lv 16 Chimecho

Lv 15 Rhyhorn

Defeat Chimecho with Bite.Use bite twice to defeat his Rhyhorn

After this his Partner Termeesa will attack you [She won't provide too much of a challenge]

Blaster Grunt Termeesha

Lv 15 Natu

Lv 15 Nosepass

Lv 20 Skiploom

Defeat Natu with Bite.Nosepass might take more than one hit to knock out.Skiploom Will probably take 2 hits to knock out.After you defeat them they will say to Mistress Vespan[The woman who is right in front of you and looking at them in Disgust]That they are not worthy] She than says not to fail again or their plans of world domination will be all for naught]She and her henchwoman leave

Blaster Grunt Rema

Lv 14 Glameow

Lv 16 Castform

Lv 20 Aipom

To defeat her pokemon just use any strong attack from both Espeon or Umbreon or your heracross can do[With it's brick break attack]

Blaster Grunt Cheza

Lv 14 Pachirisu

Lv 16 Raichu

Lv 20 Magnemite

Blaster Grunt Nekra

Lv 14 Dustox

Lv 16 Beedrill

Lv 21 Koffing

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