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Before Shedlands Forest

Camper Shelton

L22 Shellos

Hiker Mitch

L19 Onix

L19 Bonsly

L19 Cranidos

L19 Sandshrew

Aroma Lady Giselle

L22 Tangela

Camper George

L22 Slugma

L22 Psyduck

L24 Nidorina

Picnicker Kerry

L20 Skiploom

L20 Azumarill

Hiker Barry

L22 Sandslash

Battle Girl Stacy

L24 Meditite

Picnicker Elle

L22 Swablu

L22 Swablu

L22 Pachirisu

After Shedlands Forest

Fisherman Lou

L22 Shellos

Fisherman Keanu

L18 Luvdisc

L18 Lusdisc

L18 Luvdisc

L18 Lubdisc

L18 Luvdisc

L18 Luvdisc

Fisherman Eddy

L18 Shellder

L22 Finneon

L18 Shellder

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