Thurgood Hermes was a scientist for Team Cipher.While in Cipher he developed the Shadow Virus which would make a normal pokemon a shadow pokemon.He tired this on a Bibarel and captured it.Whan the time came he sicced his Bibarel on Innocent townfolks.The Bibarel Terrified people until Demi snagged it with one of his snagballs.Pissed Thurgood vowed vengance.Thurgood tracked him to Phenac City Where he attacked with a Shadow Mime.Jr and Shadow Burmy.However Demi managed to snag both Mime.Jr and Burmy.He than vowed to make stronger pokemon and get his revenge.


Shadow Bibarel[Snagged By Demi

Pokemon in Phenac City

Shadow Mime.Jr[Snagged

Shadow Burmy[Snagged]

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