The Tracker is a character in Morpher01's Original trainer fiction, Proving Grounds: Kanto.

First appearance

Tracker first appears at the end of chapter 1, negotiating a deal with Derak's father. He appears again at the end of chapter 2, wondering if Derak is worth his time.

Tracker later appears for most of chapter 3, sending his Beedrill after Derak. Ultimately, the Poison Bee Pokemon failed due to Derak's Chimchar (named "Wildfire") causing a Sludge Bomb attack to backfire.


Tracker seems to have no emotion, speaking in an emotionless tone. He does, however, seem to have some sort of sense of humor, as seen when he insulted Derak's father. He claims that there is no target he cannot find, thus the name "tracker".


Tracker's Pokemon include:




  • Tracker is apparantly based off of Wold O' Donnell of the Star Fox series. Evidence of this is in Tracker's blue visor and white hair.
  • Though only described as a "odd Pokeball", the ball containing Beedrill is the same coloration as the giant Pokeball adorning the front of Team Snagem's base in Pokemon Colosseum. Whether Persian is in a similar type of Pokeball remains to be seen.

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