Pokemon: The Santa Claus Crisis is an in-progress comedic holiday story expected to be out sometime before Christmas (or Festivus, depending on personal beliefs) on [1].

This story uses some of the main characters from the anime, as well as a few new ones.

New Characters

Since most of the main characters are straight out of the anime, only the two completely new characters appear here.

1. Bradley Cunningham: No, he's not the same guy from Bradley Cunningham: Road Warrior. This guy is completely different. A detective of some sort, he has a desire to save Santa from Team Rocket's clutches: partly out of kindness, and partly for advertising purposes. He's clever (if a bit absent-minded), and has an odd attachment with his saxophone.

In the epilogue, it is stated that Brad's parachute never opened on his descent from Santa's sled, causing him to slam into the ground at incredible speeds. Miraculously, he survived, but virtually limb on his body (including his brain) was replaced a robotic or electronic version of itself. Therefore, he will never:

  • Eat a potato chip (or anything else; he has no digestive system)
  • Play his beloved saxophone (he has no lungs)
  • Have "intimate relations" (he has no...uh, you can guess what he's missing)

2. Paranoid Elf: Never named in the story, this guy discovers Meowth's logical arguments about the non-existence of Santa Claus...and then shoots Meowth with a tranquilizer dart fired from a robotic Beautifly drone. Obviously on edge, near the end he is hiding behind a stack of toy boxes--the exact same stack Ash and co. dived behind.

In the epilogue, he supposedly joined Silph Co. and became their security director. Thanks to his vigilance, no-one dared break into to Silph Co. building while he was around and the company went into one of its most prosperous periods.

Basic Plot


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