The Legend of Eon is a fan fiction created by deviantArt member RPD490. The story is based off of the Pokemon series and Kingdom Hearts series. The story is still a WIP and not fully completed. RPD490 submitted the Intro to Chapter 10 on his deviantArt account. Along with the story, he created a series of Yu-Gi-Oh cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker. They are basically characters from the story in card form. He hopes to complete the story soon. He made this story based off the Pokemon Movies, but the main characters from the movies are not in the story, except for the Pokemon that appeared in the movies.


The story takes place in the world of Pokemon as one Trainer finds a new destiny. Becoming the Guardian of the Legendary Pokemon or the Eon Guardian for short. The Trainer, named L, is on the search to become the Master of the Legendary Pokemon. He comes across a village with a temple in it. This is where he finds out he is the descendant of the ancient Eon Guardian from 500 years before and able to wield the scared blade, the Eon's Soul, which is a Keyblade that represents Latios and Latias, half is red and half is blue. An sinister organization known as Organization X, just X, who and L travel to Alto Mare, to find Latios and Latias. Then he sees his true destiny, saving the world.



Logan - the main protagonist of the story and the Eon Guardian. He is responsible for Latios and Latias, the Eon Pokemon and the Legendary Pokemon. Before he became the Guardian, he was a hard Trainer in search of the Legendary Pokemon of the world. He currently has 6 Pokemon in his party. 3 are with him but not in a Poke Ball, 3 are to be summoned. He is 16 years old. People he meets are saying he looks like the Guardian of the Past. He marks legendary Pokemon by holding his hand up the Emblem appears on their chest or hand. He uses the move Eon Slash. He is accompanied by Latios and Latias, and Manaphy. His Guardian Pokemon is Cresselia. He recently learned the move, Aura Slash, during his fight with Lucario on Spear Pillar in Sinnoh.

Asta - a protagonist and the Empress of the Dead or the Guardian of Dark and Ghost Pokemon. She is also an old friend of Logan's. She has responsibility over the Ghost and Dark Pokemon, including Darkrai the legendary Dark Pokemon. She wields a weapon known as the Dark Eyes. She's 21 and also a Trainer before she became a Guardian. She is accompanied by Darkrai, her Guardian Pokemon.

Kira - another protagonist, who's 16, and the Dragon Guardian, known as the Dragon Tamer. She has a female Dragonair. She too, was a friend of Asta and Logan. She's been in love with Dragon Pokemon and especially Dragonair. She goes anywhere with her Dragonair.


Organzation X - a sinister group bent on taking over the Pokemon world, which makes this group the antagonists. Not much is known by these people.

Chris - Another Keyblade Wielder who was hired by the Organization as an assassin to take out L. He uses a Keyblade known as the Trinity Blade. He is L's rival.

Other characters

The Elder - an old man who resides at the Eon Temple. He gave L the Eon's Soul, the Soul Dew, and gives L special abilities after he does specific tasks.


L's Pokemon

Pokemon that are owned by L and are in Poke Balls. All his Pokemon are level 100.

Absol- the Disaster Pokemon. Type: Dark. Female - L had her since he left on his adventure. She uses the moves Faint Attack and Crunch.

Gallade- the Blade Pokemon. Type: Fighting/Psychic. Male - L found this Pokemon when it was a Ralts and after it evolved into the Kirlia, he used a Dawn Stone. L asked him to help train to use a sword, so he did a friendly match with him. Gallade uses moves like Psycho Cut, Close Combat and Protect.

Gardevoir- the Embrace Pokemon. Type: Psychic. Female - L's trusted Pokemon and friend, as she would protect L with her life. She uses Psychic, Barrier, Future Sight, and Shadow Ball. He found her as a Kirlia, injured. He took her with him and raised her himself.

Weavile- the Sharp Claw Pokemon. Type: Dark/Ice. Female - L's recently caught Pokemon. He caught her as a Sneasle and leveled it while it was holding a Razor Claw at night. She uses False Swipe, Agility, and Shadow Ball.

Chika (Chikorita)- the Leaf Pokemon. Type: Grass. Female L's favorite Grass Pokemon. She looks at L as a very reliable Trainer. She loves L to her heart. She prefers playing instead of battling. Just in case, she uses SolarBeam, Razor Leaf, Cut, and Magical Leaf.

Lancer (Dragonite)- the Dragon Pokemon. Type: Dragon/Flying. Male - another Pokemon L recently has. He caught him as a Dratini, then a Dragonair, before becoming a Dragonite, he bred another Dragonair and gave the female to his friend, Kira. He uses the move Dragon Dance and Hyper Beam.

Pokemon that are with L, but not in Poke Balls

These are Pokemon that are not in Poke Balls and travel alongside L.

Latios- the Eon Pokemon. Type: Dragon/Psychic. Male, Level 100- Latias's brother and L's friend. He protects Latias with his life and makes sure that she doesn't get hurt. Members of Organization X took him, while L passed out from the Eon Slash attack on Org. X member, Kenomi. L and his friends, however, save him and he, including Latias, is traveling with L. His known move is Luster Purge.

Appeared in: Pokemon Heroes

Latias- the Eon Pokemon. Type: Dragon/Psychic. Female, Level 100- Latios's sister and L's friend. She is very kindhearted and cares for her brother and L. She lead L, while in human form, to the garden, where she and Latios resides. She stood up to Latios, when she protected L from Latios's attack. She seems to have strong feelings towards L. She uses the known move, Mist Ball. She, along with Latios, are traveling with L.

Appeared in: Pokemon Heroes

Manaphy- the Seafaring Pokemon. Type: Water. Genderless, but male, Level 1- the night Logan and his friends saved Latios, he and Latias found Manaphy's Egg in the fountain. Later that night, L played a song he learned 2 years ago on an Ocarina he got from an old couple an town somewhere. The Egg hatches and the newborn Pokemon cries. He calms him down by talking to him. After saying his name, Manaphy says his name. He learns Manaphy can barely speak and say compassionated words to him. He learns slowly, but loves to be loved. He is with L and friends and uses the move Heart Swap.

Appeared in: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Summoned Pokemon

Pokemon L can call by summoning.

Articuno- the Blizzard Pokemon. Type: Ice/Flying. Genderless, but male, Level 100- L's first summoned Pokemon. Found in a portal in the garden, Articuno challenged L and defeated him. He summoned him during the raid at the museum where Latios was held. He uses Ice Beam and Blizzard.

Appeared in: Pokemon Anime, Pokemon The Movie: 2000

Celebi- the Time Traveling Pokemon. Type: Grass/Psychic. Genderless, but female, Level 100- L's second summoned Pokemon. Found in a portal in front of the museum. She immediately wanted to be marked. She stayed with L after being marked and assisted him by slowing and stopping time for limited time. She may of learned from the Legendary Pokemon of Time, Dialga. She helped Latias free Latios when he was trapped. She uses Leaf Storm and Future Sight.

Appeared in: Pokemon 4Ever.

Lugia- the Diving Pokemon. Type: Psychic/Flying. Genderless, but male, Level 100- L's third summoned Pokemon. Found in the sea along the path to the Village of Darkness. He immediately wanted to be marked. He was summoned in Sinnoh to help L up Mt.Coronet, to get to Spear Pillar. He uses Aeroblast and Whirlpool.

Appeared in: Pokemon The Movie: 2000

Guardian Pokemon

Guardian Pokemon are Pokemon that watch and protect a Guardian, depends on what type of Pokemon the Guardian serves.

Cresselia- the Lunar Pokemon. Type: Psychic. Female, Level 100- L's Guardian Pokemon. She visited him in a dream and told about the past Guardian and why he and him looked similar. She came to L in real life to help him fight Asta and Darkrai. She uses Psycho Cut and Psychic. She protects and watches over L with her life, since she was the Past Guardians' Guardian Pokemon. She was marked, along with Darkrai, before L left to Sinnoh to find Lucario.

Appeared in: N/A

Darkrai- the Pitch Black Pokemon. Type: Dark. Genderless, but male, Level 100- Asta's Guardian Pokemon. Apparently, he has a dislike towards Logan and the past Guardian. Firing a Shadow Ball, Cresselia saves Logan by using Psycho Cut to block the attack. Logan suggests that him and Cresselia and Asta and Darkrai to a "friendly" fight. Him and Cresselia seem to be rivals and uses Dark Force and Dark Void. After defeating him, he sees Logan as a friend and allows Logan to mark him, as well as Cresselia, a summoning Pokemon.

Appeared in: Pokemon: Rise of Darkrai

Lucario- the Aura Pokemon. Type: Fighting/Steel. Male, Level 100- a Pokemon that has been training up on Spear Pillar. L fought him, but he almost defeated L using Aura Storm. L then unleashes a move known as "Aura Slash" and defeated Lucario. It turns out that the Past Guardian learned the move from Lucario.

Appeared in: Pokemon: Lucario and The Mystery of Mew

Story Dropped

Due to time consistence and being in the Chats of dA to much, RPD490 has decided to drop the stories for the time being. He might redo them sometime in the future...

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