The Alliance War was a war set in the world of Arcanine Royale's fan novel, Now and Forever. The war pitted Japan, Hakkou, and minimal support from NATO and the United States, along with the private society called Team Angel, against The Nebulan Alliance - an alliance put together by Team Nebula leader George Hackley. The alliance consisted of nearly every team situated near the Asian Pacific coast. With the backing of communist nations China, North Korea, and Russia, the Nebulan Alliance had a large amount of fiscal backing behind them. With this money, they had also hired the then mercenary pirates to soon be known as Team Aqua.

In turn, Japan, Hakkou, and Team Angel formed the Pacific Alliance and began building up for war they knew was imminent.

The War's Beginning

1981 began with a bang. In the large Sinnoan town of Kurogane when a Nebulan terrorist detonated a bomb within his car near the Hakkou embassy. Over five-hundred new year partiers were killed in nearby clubs when the twenty story embassy collapsed. Along with the death of these civilians came a group of commandos that Hakkou and Japan had put together to raid what was expected to be the Nebula headquarters.