Tennash Type: Normal/fire No. The Racket Pokemon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Workoutz (evolve with Fire Stone) Evolves into: none Height: 4'08 Weight: 106.3 Ability: Flash Fire Dex entry: knocks Special attacks back with its net-like hand.


Learned moves

- fake out

- ember

6 focus energy

11 counter

16 flame wheel

21 magic coat

26 mega kick

31 fire blast

36 sunny day

41 detect

46 mirror coat

51 eruption


toxic hidden power sunny day hyper beam protect frustration solarbeam return shadow ball double team flamethrower fire blast facade secret power rest attract thief overheat focus blast fling endure will-o-wisp giga impact captivate sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

strength rock smash

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