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They are a Super Rank Exploration Team in training at Team Slicekull's Guild. They are currently on a mission to gain master rank by doing a dangerous mission. Tyranitar is the leader, and Garchomp and Salamence are Co Leaders. They formed a Team around Mt. Horn. The first official battle they had was against Team Charm. They have recruited 2 Legendaries, Kyogre and Dialga. They have also recruited Garchomp's old friend, Feraligatr in the episode, Garchomp's old Friend.

Members' Mini Bios

Tyranitar "Thai"

Thai the tyranitar

A tough and caring leader, she always gets the job done. unless you count when her team had to snap her out of Giratina mode), and uses her Golden Ability to its fullest, letting her turn into any legendary Pokémon as she pleases. Although, certain powerful emotions such as revenge, remorse, exitement and anger turn her into a certain legendary beyond her control.

Age: 17.9

Crush/Boyfriend: Aggron "Dex"

Thai's Theme


Garchomp of Team Strike

A very competitive and friendly Pokémon, she will befriend almost anyone. The sportiest of the team, she attracts a lot of male Pokémon.

Age: 17.5

Aliases: "Garchompuh" (By insane Thai)

Crush/Boyfriend: Lucario "Nick"

Salamence "Dragonfly"


Age: 16.9

She is the smallest of them all, but she is the trump card of the main members. She has the moves that cover the team's weakness: ice. She knows some powerful fire type moves.

Aliases: "Slamenceta" (By Insane Thai)

Crush/Boyfriend: "Shark" the Salamence

Dialga the Bounty Hunter

Scary Dialga face Age: Unknown

Crush/Boyfriend: Unknown

The tank of the team. High stats, but low speed. He can overpower nearly anything with his time powers by slowing down time for everyone but his team.

Aliases: "Dialgarr" (By Insane Thai)


Age: Unknown

Crush/Boyfriend: Unknown

The first recruit of team strike, and the first legendary encountered. She is another tank, but has slightly higher speed.

Aliases: "Ogré" (By Insane Thai)


Age: 15

Crush/Boyfriend: Unknown

Feraligatr is an old friend of Garchomp's. When the two were little, they did everything together. Gible, at the time, had a very bad temper issue, and the two argued. They separated fully when Gible helped to create Team Strike.

Aliases: "Grawrgub" (By Insane Thai)


Age: 16

Crush/Boyfriend: Unknown

Arcanine first helped Team Strike out against a strong enemy at the end of Death Cave. (Episode 16)

Aliases: "Wolfymutt" (By Insane Thai)

Dragonite "Drago"

Luxray "Storm"

Togekiss "Charade"

Rhyperior "Ray"

Aggron "Dex"

Salamence "Shark"

Lucario "Nick"

Member List

As of Team Strike - Quest to Master Rank: Chapter 1: The Five Keys \Episode Two/ "Thunder, Fire and Ice"

Dialga the Bounty Hunter




Drago the Dragonite

Storm the Luxray

Charade the Togekiss

Ray the Rhyperior

Dex the Aggron

Shark the Salamence

Nick the Lucario

Team strike


Pokemon R S E Remix Champion Steven Wallace (2nd Remix)05:20

Pokemon R S E Remix Champion Steven Wallace (2nd Remix)

Team Strike Battle Theme

Pokemon D P Remix Cynthia Battle (2nd remix)04:14

Pokemon D P Remix Cynthia Battle (2nd remix)

Team Strike's Main Theme

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Primal Dialga Remix06:25

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Primal Dialga Remix

Mournful Revenge

Pokemon Platinum Remix Distortion World05:22

Pokemon Platinum Remix Distortion World

The Mystery of the Unknown Abyss

Episode Gallery

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Team Strike! Episode 2!

Team Strike episode 3

Team Strike Episode 4!!!!

Team strike 5

Team strike 6!

Team strike 7

Team strike 8

Team Strike 9, The First Exploration

Team Strike Episode 10, Rivals

Team Strike - Ep. 11, "Garchomp's Old Friend"

Team Strike: The Next level Ep. 1, "Battle me! Show me your True power!"

Team Strike: The next level, Ep. 2 Team StormBlitz

Team Strike: Next level Ep. 3, Family Reunion

Team Strike, The Next Level: Ep. 4, "Drago"

Team Strike: The Next Level Ep. 5! Death Cave... [HD]

Team Strike - The Quest for Master Rank \Ep. 1/ "The Final Exploration" (Part One)

Team Strike - The Quest for Master Rank \Ep. 1/ "The Five Keys" (Final Exploration Part Two)

Strike - Quest to Master Rank: Chapter 1: The Five Keys \Episode Two/ "Thunder, Fire and Ice"

Team Strike - Quest to Master Rank: Chapter 1: The Five Keys \Episode Three/ "A Psychic Venusaur"

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