Team Nebula is a trademark adventure/rescue/explorer team created by Intrudgero98. This team was created at 16:15, Wednesday, 13/10/2010. Intrudgero will now be using this team for almost any roleplay he joins after. Also note this team is the main team in my new Mystery Dungeon game.


Ember the Charmander

Ember is a keen fighter and is very loyal but can be rash at times. He is quite healthy but is allegic to berries. He wears a read headband with a six sided blue star on it, the trademark symbol for Team Nebula. He doesn't have a family because when he was born his family couldn't look after him so left him at the door of Arceus Guild. Being raised by Arceus, Ember was only exposed to the finest fighters and had no friends. He was home schooled by Uxie but didn't like it and wished to be normal. When Team Nebula arrived at Arceus Guild asking to be an adventure/rescue/explorer team he asked if he could go with them. First Ember had to prove his might by fighting Moltres and defeating him. Ember battled as well as he could but he was too rash and Moltres defeated him. He was upset until Arceus told him to go with Team Nebula and learn a few things and then when he comes back he would be ready to take on Moltres again.

Lightning the Pichu

Lightning is a strategist and has a sharp mind. He also is very intellegent and is a gifted mechanical engineer. Although he doesn't often fight he does have some strong attacks. His mechanical knowledge and quick battle plans make him a great member of the team. He carries a trademark spanner and is always dirty because of the all the oil and machinery. He is not very healthy and coughs when he speaks. He wears a sling with the blue six sided star on it. Since he was a baby Lightning showed great intellegence and could build many things. But one fatal night his machine went out of control and killed his family. Lightning escaped but his arm got caught and to this day he has to wear a sling. He tries to forget about his past. When he met Sardine the two became quick friends and had the idea of Team Nebula. He enjoys making machines.

Sardine the Meowth

Sardine was an outcast among other Meowths because he was born without a coin on his forehead. They all made fun of him because of that and he didn't like it. He wears a bandana with the blue six sided star to hide the fact he doesn't have a coin. He tries to make the best of life. He is very jealous of other Meowths because of their coins. He takes to eating scraps and fishbones and that is why everyone calls him "Sardine". When Sardine met Lightning they became friends and had the idea to make Team Nebula. Sardine is shown to be comic and doesn't really care all that much about exploring unless treasure's involved.

Garnet the Vulpix

Garnet is the only female amongst Team Nebula and wears a veil with the star on it in public. The reason she wears this is because when she little an Ursaring who had a big feud with her family came into their house and murdered her parents and siblings. She escaped, before he died her father gave her a veil and told her to run away before Ursaring catches her. She wears it so if Ursaring just so happened to be walking around he wouldn't recognise her since he vowed to kill the last member. When Team Nebula were foreging for food they found Garnet in her veil selling berries (causing Ember to sneeze) and she joined them. She is a gold rank healer and is also the team's healer.

Goodnight the Hoothoot

Goodnight isn't your average Hoothoot. He was born with Insomia, a condition which makes it very hard to fall asleep thus resulting in Goodnight being active during the day and the night. His name is also ironic. Goodnight is easily distracted by things but he means well. He is very klutzy so he rpefers to stand on two legs instead of one. Goodnight is very good at telling the time and helps Team Nebula keep track. He has a bandages wing with the star on it for a mean human tried to hunt him down and kill him. This bandage makes him slow and not a very agile flier. He joined Team Nebula to see the world after they found a place to rest in his tree they slept in his tree.

Support Members

Aroma the Snivy

Aroma was always lonely. When she was young her mother and father where prisoners so they had to send her off. She found her way to the old hag Nirame the Mismagius. Aroma was beaten so much that her wounds make her look like she is exclusively pink. The only green on her is her back. She loves painting and art but had to do it in secret because Nirame disapporved of it. She also painted flowers on her body, mostly red roses. One day she decided she had enough and ran away but Nirame chased after her. While she was on run in the caves she met Team Nebula. They were surprised but listened to her story. She now travels with them sometimes as a support member but mostly she stays in the base.

Cascade the Mantyke

Cascade was seperated from her school from a young age. Her family scoured the oceans looking for her but alas they never found her. She was found by a Feraligatr named Saltwater. He brought her up in a tank and became the best father in the world. But as she grew, Saltwater realised he couldn't give her the nourishment that other Mantine/Mantyke could. Instead of giving her to the many shoals of Mantine/Mantyke that inhabited Mountain Town he gave her to the A Rank exploration team: Team Hyper but they rejected her. The rookie exploration team: Team Nebula decided to let her join their support team so she usually stays in the base but is very useful in water missions.

Static the Shinx

Coming soon!

Karate the Mankey

Karate is Ember's rival.

More to come!


  • Team Nebula only has one female member
  • Team Nebula has no leader.
  • Each member has something that makes them unique
  • The prototype name for this team was "Team Oddbod" but the creator wanted to avoid lawsuits
  • Their battle cry is: "To the stars!"
  • In an upcoming Roleplay, Team Nebula are shown to evolve to their final forms.
  • Dark Nebula are the main antagonists of Team Nebula canon.
  • Nemesis Nebula is a "traitor" to Team Nebula although still being "good".


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Theme Songs

Lightning - Broken

Ember - Headstrong

Sardine - I Don't Care

Garnet - The Climb

Goodnight - Fireflies


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Team Forecast

Poky the Pokabu


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Nemisis Nebula


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Team Hades

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Dark Nebula