Team Enigma is the villainous team in Pokemon Genesis. They are the forefathers of the group Cipher and their forefathers were the gangs of theives roaming Aravea. They wish to dominate the world using the new breed of Pokémon they have created, Shadow Pokémon.


  • Name: Team Enigma/Shadow League
  • Leader/Boss/Head: Shardz Eagun
  • Areas Of Influence: Aravea, Orre
  • Favored Pokémon: Seedot, Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Sableye, Mawile, Absol
  • Administrators: Deimos, Phobos, Flipside, Harpos, Icarus
  • Notable Grunts: Evice, Greevil, Skrubo, Tybalt, Royale, Chanter
  • Researchers: Stein
  • Symbol: A Sableye's head with a red E in the middle.

In The Game

Team Enigma causes varied trouble throughout Aravea in protest of Pokemon United. They have been known to protect residents of Ashridge Town from the volcano in exchange for rare Pokémon, eventually scaring the people there so myuch that they refused to leave their homes. Team Enigma stole several Pokémon from the Game Corner in Carapas City to use as guinea pigs for the Shadow Pokémon Plan, and they vandalized the Abandoned Skyscraper in an attempt to find Deoxys. They imprisoned people in the Aqueous Bog and tried to destroy Mount Thundre. However, all of their attempts were foiled by Jackal/Panther. They made a temporary base in the middle of Antarctia, but it was later revealed that their true basde was Citadark Isle.

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