Cipher Peon Edrag

L25 Ariados

L25 Spoink

L28 Kecleon

Cipher Peon Eloin[Female]

L26 Electrike

L27 Linoone

L27 Carvanha

Cipher R&D Chango

L28 Kecleon

L29 Corphish

L27 Aipom

L29 Kirlia

Cipher Peon Peasen[Female]

L30 Absol

L29 Doduo

L31 Torkoal

L32 Machoke

Cipher R&D Daggett

L29 Duskull

L31 Shuppet

Cipher Admin Clancy

L35 Weezing

L36 Vibrava

L37 Kecleon

L39 Banette

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