"They call themselves by color names only, pathetic, right?" -Solar

Team Axem is one of the first villainous teams made by Silver.

Team Axem

Specialties Assassination, Killing.
Leader Red
Consists of
  • Pink (Co-leader)
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black
Formation of Team Dark Crater
Rank Outlaw Ranked ??? Team
  • "We fight for evil, we live for disorder, we like what we do, we struggle for chaos, we are Team Axem!"
  • Unknown, possibly those who hire them
  • Team BlastWave

Ironically, despite being a villainous team, Team Axem is easy to recognize since they call each other by the color clothes they wear, and by the axes they wield.



"My head is spinning!" -Red, losing a battle to Solar The Leader, Red (Real name: Radley) is arrogant and over-confident, but a dangerous foe nevertheless, he's known to match Solar in Sword combat, he also is shown to hate it when his team-mates give excuses, he often ups his attack and defense before fighting.

In "Roleplay: Conspiracies Abound", Red represents the sin of "Pride".

TypeFire Dark


"You can't resist me hon, I'm gorgeous! Just let out your feelings.. ♥" -Pink, attempting to seduce Solar

The Co-leader, Pink (Real name: Venus) is the only female part of Team Axem, being vain and usually caring about her appearance more than her team-mates, she is the medic of the group and also constantly attempts flirting with Solar.

In "Roleplay: Conspiracies Abound", Pink's represents the sin of "Lust".

TypeFire Psychic


"We order for donuts!" -Yellow, discussing what they do next after fleeing

Yellow (Real name: Lug) is the bulky one, he constantly eats a lot and holds a lot of physical power and defense, he's the one team-mate who also uses a sledge-hammer, he will also constantly complain if he is hungry.

In "Roleplay: Conspiracies Abound", Yellow represents the sin of "Gluttony".

TypeNormal Steel


"I'm a genius!" -Black

"A pain in the ass is more like it." -Solar

Black (Real name: Shedge) is the shady one of the group, often using forms of language (An example being "Ya wanna hand over that device if ya know what's good for ya."), he is also the explosives expert, often knowing bombs and mines, as well as barrels, he always wears sunglasses.

In "Roleplay: Conspiracies Abound", Black represents the sin of "Wrath".

TypeDark Flying


"You fail to understand special damage." -Green

Green (Real name: Nathan) is the caster of the group, being the one that's out of shape, therefore, he's unable to lift heavy objects as well as running very fast, he also constantly gets headaches.

In "Roleplay: Conspiracies Abound", Green is meant to represent the sin of "Sloth".

Species Grovyle
Type Grass


  • They are a carbon copy of the Axem Rangers from Super Mario RPG, therefore most credit goes to Nintendo.
  • Each are weak to Lunar and/or Solar's attacks (Red is weak to Solar's Devastation Punch, Pink is weak to Lunar's Darkness Burst, Yellow is weak to Solar's Devastation Punch, Sunthrower, and Lunar's Shadowthrower, Black is weak to Lunar's Zero Beam, and Solar's Thunder Cannon and Green is weak to both Solar's Sunthrower and Lunar's Shadowthrower and Zero Beam.)

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