Submashark is a Pokemon in the upcoming series Bradley Cunningham: Road Warrior. It is a powerful Water-and-Steel type.


This Pokemon is the evolved form of Sharpedo, available after leveling Sharpedo up with a Propeller Part. This cyborg Pokemon is a substantially lengthened version of Sharpedo, with a dorsal fin that looks like a submarine's conning tower (the tall part on a submarine where the periscopes are). It has a periscope on the top of this fin, allowing it to observe the water's surface without surfacing. Its tail is a standard shark tail with a propeller (the Propeller Part) instead of a fin. It has a small hole in its forehead that houses a water cannon, ala Blastoise. The sides of its head contain torpedo tubes.

Submashark is a cruel Pokemon, sinking boats with torpedoes and eating the occupants. Working as a team, groups of these have sunken large container ships.

Other Attributes

Length: 27 feet

Weight: 1569 pounds

Types: Water, Steel

Abilities: Swift Swim, Silent Running

Coloration: Bluish-gray with a white star-like marking on the dorsal fin

Shiny Form: Overall red, with a marking on its dorsal fin that resembles the Soviet hammer and sickle

Famous Submasharks

Bradley Cunningham himself has one of these.

Admiral экскремент (the English meaning is "turd") had a shiny one named Red October.

Battle Information

Submashark, due to its newly acquired Steel type, has vastly improved defensive stats over Sharpedo, having resistances to most types. However, its special defense leaves something to be desired. But, with its great defense, considerable offensive stats, and surprising speed, it is very well-balanced.

Its abilities make it even more mobile: Swift Swim increases its speed in rain, and Silent Running prevents it from taking damage from moves such a Spikes, Stealth Rock, etc. Silent Running also prevents it from being attacked by anything when it uses Dive or a similar move, negating even sure-hit moves like Swift or Shock Wave.

Its signature move is Torpedo Blast, a high-powered Water-type move that does extra damage against other Water types.

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