Subashari Gym
ジム Gym
Location Subashari City
Gym Leader Aria
Badge Tornado Badge
Dominant Type Flying
Region Tezen

The Subashari Gym is the official Gym of Subashari City. It is based around the Flying Type. The Gym Leader is Aria and trainers who defeat her are awarded with the Tornado Badge and TM Roost.

In The Games

The Subashari Gym is a large cylindrical structure with a mechanical and colorful appearance. All of the pipes, elevators and gears are visible on the outside of the building in order to maximize the indoor space.

On the inside, Subashari Gym is rocky and mountainous, contrasting with the exterior. On each floor of the gym, there is at least one wind machine. Changing the direction of the wind will cause rocks and other objects to move around the gym. The wind machines must be used to push rocks out of the way, to push them into holes in the ground or line them up to create a walkable path. However, rocks cannot be pushed up hills, but the force of one falling down a floor or hill would be enough to destroy certain walls.

Aria is located on the roof of the gym, and a path needs to be forged to the central elevator in order to reach her.



*Levels assume gym is 8th attempted. Levels will be higher or lower if challenged later or earlier.


  • The Gym Building's outside design was inspired by the work of architect Richard Rogers, particularly the "inside-out" Lloyd's building.
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