NameStrangers Like Me
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Genre(s)Action, Adventure
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Strangers Like Me was the first part of a Pokemon/Digimon Crossover. This was the first attempt at any story of Xtra, and had the Digidestined of Season 1 dropped right in the middle of the Orange Island episode Naval Maneuvers.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Soon after their defeat of MetalSeadramon, the Digidestined fell through a strange time warp and find themselves in the middle of a huge ocean, and were saved by Ash, Misty, Tracy, and Ash's Lapras.

Introductions and explanations are cut short when Jesse and James make their appearance of the day. They bring out a machine that shoots high velocity, modified pokeballs to catch trainer's pokemon (and yes, this was before Pokemon Colloseum).

Meowth falls in love with Gatomon (a female cat digimon) and tried for her first. But, since she's a Digimon, the ball just bounces off her head. Wondering why it didn't work, they fiddle with the mechanical stuff and unintentionally blow it up, sending them blasting off again.

The rest of the story plays out much like the original episode, except that the digidestined join with Ash and company. Soon after the episode, though, another warp brings the Digidestined back, while Ash and his friends are taken with them.

Spoilers end here.


This story was never posted on any forum or fanfiction site.

Author's Thoughts

When Xtra first wrote this, Xtra, was glad just to finish his first story. At the time, Xtra didn't know it was "total garbage" (in the author's own words). The likelihood of the author rewriting this with a newer writing style is null.

Reviewer thoughts

A friend of Xtra's was one of the only ones that read it, and she thought it looked good.

Though, since she is a friend of the author, and her writing wasn't any better, her opinion, allegedly, doesn't carry much weight.