Starfire Starfire and Deoxys illustration by Shadow Kuriboh (off-centered, sorry)
Series PokéDC: Teen Titans
First Pokémon Deoxys
Alias Koriand'r
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Abilities Flight, Super Strength, Starbolts

Starfire is one of the main protagonists in the alternate universe crossover fanfiction piece PokéDC: Teen Titans, which is part of the PokéDC continuity created by Shadow Kuriboh. The series is rated T for Teen for fantasy violence and sexually related content, and it revolves around various story arcs.


So far, Starfire only has one Pokémon.


While escaping to Earth from her home planet of Tameran, Starfire's ship crashed on a glowing asteroid. Deoxys appeared to have lived on this asteroid. Starfire befriended him and he flew her to Earth after destroying the restraints that she had on her.


None of Deoxys moves have been revealed yet.

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