Type: Rock No. Stone Orc Pokemon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Stalactop at level 20 Evolves into: Stalagrex at level 45 Height: 3'09 Weight: 4.38 Ability: Sturdy Dex Entry: They talk by scratching messages into cave walls. But,they prefer to live seperately.


- leer

- horn attack

-rock polish

-rock throw

20 rock polish

20 rock throw

24 glare

28 fury swipes

32 rock blast

36 poison jab

40 harden

44 rock slide

48 metal claw

52 block

56 stone-edge


calm mind toxic bulk up hidden power sunny day taunt protect safeguard frustration thunderbolt thunder earthquake return dig brick break double team shock wave flamethrower sandstorm fire blast rock tomb torment facade secret power rest focus blast false swipe charge beam endure explosion shadow claw rock polish flash stone-edge thunder wave stealth rock rock slide sleep talk natural gift poison jab swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash rock climb

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