OK, so once there was a Medicham [female]. Then one day, some Pokemon came to visit. "Hi, what can I do for you?" said Medicham. She could be helpful, but firm. The visitor was a Dusclops. He said, "I am searching for the Manaphy egg. Could you help me?" Medicham paused. Of course she knew where it was. But she did not trust Dusclops. "No, I do not know where this egg is." "Very well",said Dusclops. "But to establish trust, please look me in the eye." Medicham did not know what he could do with just an eye. So she did. And before she could blink an eye, Dusclops had hypnotized her. Chapter 2[Medicham's view]. Medicham, having been hypnotized by Dusclops,was in a hypnotic trance, but she still had some of her willpower left. "Meeediiiiiichaaaammmmm"said Dusclops,"Tell me where the egg is" "No",she murmured. All Medicham could do now was to sink deeper into her trance as Dusclops pushed his power further. She had no willpower left.... [Dusclops' view] Dusclops enjoyed watching Medicham's pupils disappearing and were replaced by hypnotic swirls. [Elsewhere]. Pikachu was on his way to see Medicham. They had been friends for a long time. Then he saw Medicham with a Dusclops and asked her where she was going. She looked dazed and the Dusclops said,"We're just having a walk." Oh.OK! See you later!" [Medicham's view] Medicham was completely hypnotized.With every minute, she fell deeper and deeper into the trance...[Dusclops' view] When they got to his place, Dusclops ordered the hypnotized Medicham to tell him where the Manaphy Egg was. She told him. Then he ordered her to use Psychic and float around for his amusement. She did so. Then he ordered her to go home. She did that. "There is one little side effect that I will leave. Occasionally, or if you are in my presence, you will feel un the same effects of your hypnotic trance.Now,sleep."Dusclops said. Chapter 3: When Medicham woke up, she immediately became hypnotized again.Her pupils shrank into nothing and were replaced by hypnotic swirls.She became untense. Then Pikachu came by. "Hi, Medicham!" He noticed that Medicham looked funny. Pikachu felt suspicious of something. "Wait a second",thought Pikachu. "She was with Dusclops! He must have hypnotized her!Pikachu tried something."Medicham,jump." She did. Pikachu sighed. "OK, Medicham. Use Psychic to float and follow me". The hypnotized Medicham did that.Then they went to Pikachu's place. "OK, Medicham, what did Dusclops make you do?"He made me tell tell him where the Manaphy Egg was." Medicham said dully. "OK, take me to the egg!" "Yes, master." "Medicham, snap out of it."

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