Skeez Type: Normal/Ice No. The Snowsport Pokemon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Workoutz (level up while holding Nevermeltice) Evolves into: none Height: 100'08 Weight: 98.6 Ability: Snow Warning Dex entry: Skims down mountain sides, without ever crashing into anything.


Learned moves

- fake out

- icy wind

5 mist

9 pursuit

13 take down

17 agility

21 hail

25 double hit

29 haze

33 metal claw

37 avalanche


toxic hail hidden power ice beam blizzard hyper beam protect rain dance frustration return psychic shadow ball brick break double team facade secret power rest attract thief focus blast false swipe endure shadow claw giga impact flash stone edge avalanche captivate x-scissor sleep talk natural gift poison jab swagger u-turn substitute

cut strength rock smash rock climb

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