Silver is a character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

She is a small, delicately proportioned shiny Squirtle with silver coloration, a fanon color as the official shiny color of the games is a green shell. She is picked in the first chapter to be Lucki's starting pokemon and given the name Silver because of her coloring.

Silver has had virtually no experience with battles, the outside world or most other pokemon before becoming Lucki's pokemon. This is in part because of her upbringing as a breeding center pokemon and in part because of her extremely young age. Her personality can be best described as timid but optimistic. Silver occasionally panics during battles, but is otherwise obedient.

Although Silver was the first pokemon to be on Lucki's team, she has not evolved despite the fact Raiden evolved several chapters ago, putting Lucki's team in, at the least, the near-thirties in level. She also hasn't displayed any naturally learned move above water gun, learned at L13, while the others on Lucki's team use moves learned at much higher levels.

As a breeding center pokemon, Silver possesses several inherited moves. However, in the fanon of the story, she is not capable of using the moves until she has gained a certain amount of experience, much as if they were regular level-up moves, which may also explain why she has not yet displayed naturally learned moves she should be high enough level to know. She also tends to first display the inherited moves when under stress.

Silver's current move list:

  • Tackle
  • Water gun
  • Withdraw
  • Bubble
  • Mirror coat (inherited move)
  • Ice beam (inherited move)