Showtime town is a town. has many great coo-dinators begin.The city used to be a town but then it all changed.

Popular People

Showtime town has many great trainers begin such as:

To name a few.


Lotad is the towns mascot. In the store there is a giant statue in the the sixth floor. Also there is a Lotad catching contest the person who gets the heaviest lotad wins.Also there is a Lotad Ball and on the lift in the department store when you get to the floor you want a Lotad says Lotad


Also the town has many places to go and do such as...

  • Showtime Contest Hall
  • Petal Hill
  • The Lighthouse
  • Mount Gravel
  • Tiny Forest
  • A Pokemon Center
  • A 11 Floor Store that sells almost anything you can imagine
  • A Dojo
  • Showtime Television the most watched channel in the Pokémon World
  • A Water Type Gym Lead By Mike
  • A Beach

Yearly Events

Each these events are held only once.

  • Tag Battle Challenge.
  • Lotad Catching Contest

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