Shiftry UD

Member of
Team D-Struct
Beedrill and Magnezone
Chlorophyll, Early Bird, and Pickpocket
Dark Beams, Leaf Storm, Beast Rampage, and Power Club

Shitry is a Grass/Dark-type Pokémon and a member of Team D-Struct in Pokémon: Universal Defender.


Shiftry's parents rescued a level 1 Magnemite from irresponsible parents when he was level 4. The two became best friends. When Magnemite was level 5, Shiftry and his other friends explained to Magnemite that he was a Magnemite, not a Seedot. When Shiftry was level 28, they met a Beedrill, and when the war started, the three formd Team D-Struct.


Shitry is brutal and powerful. He rampages through dimensions, destroying enemies. However, he never harms his friends, and is still a very patient Pokémon. He believes it is duty to defeat his enemies, and he pretends to vicious and merciless. In reality, he is calm and patient with life.

Skills and Powers

Despite being a calm and patient Pokémon, he is still a powerhouse fighter. He can use Grass-attacks and Dark-attacks, and he can slightly alter his shape to make himself a four-legged beast. When he does this, he rampages through areas and enemies in his Beast Rampage form. In sunny conditions, his speed is boosted via the Chlorphyll ability. His Early Bird ability allows him to awake quickly from sleep, and he can cause a boss to reveal a Heart Sphere twice as fast via his Pickpocket ability. He can shoot a barrage of leaves, damaging and blinding his foes, he can shoot effective beams of darkness, and he has his own powerful weapon, the Power Club.