Shadows of Fear: Journey with a Brain is the third installment of Morpher01's fanfiction series Shadows of Fear. It further chronicles the adventures of Skull the Shadow Marowak, along with his Cubone son, Cubon.

Taking place five years after Shadows of Fear: Return of Cipher, Skull has agreed to travel alongside the Frontier Brain Anabel throughout Sinnoh and help her conquer the Sinnoh league. Along the way, however, forces such as Team Galactic must be put down, and so it begins.

Back for round 3

Skull's third adventure dictates him going through Sinnoh with his typical wise-cracking and hatred of humans. Cubon has also grown to age ten, gaining a sense of humor sometime along the way.

New characters

Several new characters have been introduced in this installment.

Psylord: Psylord is the name of Anabel's Alakazam. She evidently learned his name by talking to him via telepathy. He is capable of using Ice Punch, Focus Punch and Psychic, but it is unknown what other moves he possesses. His personality has not yet been made clear, as he has only appeared during battles. His name is a different spelling of "Psilord", a Marvel Comics character found in the "Spider-Girl" comic series.

Metarach: Metarach is Anabel's Metagross, whose name she also learned by speaking to it via telepathy. Metarach is capable of using Hyper Beam, but other moves are unknown. Like Psylord, its personality is also made unclear. Its name is derived from "Metarex", the latest antagonists in the anime series "Sonic X". Metarach's name is also a reference to a Metagross' resemblance to a large, metallic spider.

Psikit: Psikit is Anabel's Espeon, capable of using moves such as Psychic and, as in the anime, Zap Cannon. Psikit is the only current female on Anabel's team, seeing as Psylord is male and Metarach is genderless. Psikit's name is a corruption of the word "psychic", which is her type. It is also a combination of "psi", which is a form of mental power, and "kit", an alternative word for "cat".

Dementra: As her name suggests, Dementra is an insane Ambipom the team meets during their minor stay in Floaroma City. After Skull finds out she had stolen the young of Bunearies and Rattatas (due to her belief that they are attempting to take over the world, or otherwide bring harm to herself), he attacks, but Dementra escapes after a mere two hits. Dementra's name is derived from "demented", a word for "insanity".

Umbro: Umbro is a Weavile supposedly abandoned by Harley, a notorious Coordinator in the Pokémon anime. Formerly a Coordinator Pokémon, Umbro used to be respected by the audience until Harley abandoned him out in Eterna Forest ten years before the events of Journey with a Brain. Coming to Hearthrome City for revenge on the humans, Umbro and his daughter, a Sneasel named Ebony, were stopped by Skull and Cubon. After the events of chapter four, Umbro was supposedly re-captured by Harley and entrusted Ebony to Skull's protection.

Bonefarious: Bonefarious is Skull's genetic father, though neither him nor Skull think of him as such. Making his first and only appearance in chapter 7, Bonefarious believed Skull's blue eye color to be a bad omen and attempted to kill him while he was just a new-born. He was killed by Skull at the end of chapter 7.

Guardia: Guardia had a minor appearance in the fic, only shown in a flashback memory during chapter 7. She protects Skull from Bonefarious, and holds the title of True Virgin—the strongest virgin female in the entire Marowak tribe. She is unable to care for the infant Skull, so she gives him to a Lapras named Seatura. It is also revealed that it was Guardia who gave Skull his name. The name of the Marowak species was originally going to be "Guardia", which is where Guardia's name came from.