Shadows of Fear is one of several fanfiction stories by Morpher01. It chronicles the first adventure of Skull, a Shadow Marowak striving for freedom from the oppressive ways of Team Cipher and the rest of humankind.

The fanfiction contains quite a few canon elements found in the game Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, including characters, Pokémon, and other such. The story, however, is entirely different from the course of the game.

The world in which the story takes place, contrary to the canon, involves Pokémon all having names, ages, personalities, and cultures. This is quite different from the canon, as it has Pokémon refer to each other by their species name rather than a name of their own.

First time around

Shadows of Fear was Morpher's first fanfiction. Because of this, it—as likely somewhat expected by some forum members—had no major impact. It did, however, spark Morpher's writing beginnings, allowing him to continue writing fanfictions.

As Morpher wrote Shadows of Fear, Skull and his pack of fellow Shadow Pokémon apparantley killed off quite a few members of Cipher, including their top admins. This was, however, fixed in the sequel.

As Morpher's description was somewhat weak, he often did not describe a Pokémon or human accurately, or at all. For example, Skull's first entrance into battle had him merely say the names of the two Shadow Pokémon he was faced with, rather than describe them. This was a problem, since a fanfiction without description left readers in wonder what the author meant by that.

The End and the Beginning

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Eventually, the fanficton ended when Skull defeated his former trainer, Cipher Admin Eldes, and knocked him into the sea alongside his Metagross. Afterwards, Skull disbanded the rebellion he had brought up, left for Kanto and mated, having a son named Cubon.

Spoilers end here.

As Shadows of Fear ended, though, the ideas for a sequel were left open. This paved the way for Shadows of Fear: Return of Cipher, and a comeback for Skull.

Exclusive Characters

Several characters in Shadows of Fear have, as of yet, not reappeared, though several of them were referenced quite a bit. These characters are:

Plesiosaur: Plesiosaur, Eldes' Shadow Lapras, is Skull's adopted sister, and has been with him ever since they both were young children. She is revealed to be quite mischievious, often using the move Water Gun on many a passerby Pokémon, though this made her quite unpopular. At the end, Plesiosaur returned to Kanto, her native region. Her name comes from the obvious fact that a Lapras physically resembles the extinct Plesiosaur.

Hydropunch: Hydropunch is a Shadow Poliwrath formerly owned by Cipher Admin Gorigan. He is somewhat arrogant, and often rushes into things without thinking, though this, as Skull once said, is normal behavior for a Fighting-type Pokémon. His name comes from his type combination; "Hydro" meaning "water", and "punch" referring to his Fighting-type side.

Phoenix: Phoenix is a Shadow Moltres Skull befriended during his second escape from Citadark Isle. Using his Extrasensory move, Phoenix is capable of telepathic communication. He is a wise legendary that Skull sometimes referres to as the "Kanto Phoenix". Phoenix's name and title refer to a Moltres' resemblance to a phoenix, a mythological bird reborn from its own ashes.

Frosty: Frosty, a Shadow Articuno, is the most mysterious of the three Kanto Birds. He has had very few lines throughout the course of Shadows of Fear, other than a happy/surprised reaction to seeing his fellow birds. Frosty's name comes from his Ice-type heritage.

Thunderbird: Thunderbird, a Shadow Zapdos, is the second-most mysterious of the Kanto Bird Trio, though he has had far more lines than Frosty. His name, like Frosty's, comes from his type heritage, being an Electric-type bird and "thunder" being a reference to a storm.