Shadow Scream


Effect-The user screams at the opponent causing their speed to fall by 2

Level Up Moves-Misdreavus L17 Mismagius-L1

Shadow Drain


Effect-This strange move drains the opponent's lifeforce it may also cause the opponent to flinch

Level Up Moves-Shedinja L63

Dark Gem


A gem imbued with evil power is smashed into the opponent it lowers the opponent's speed

Level Up Moves-Sableye L18

Tundra Slide


A icy frost comes sliding down on the opponent.It may also freeze the opponent.

Level Up Moves-Froslass L41 ,Articuno L92,Swinub L47,Piloswine,L56,Mamoswine L65,Lapras L31[[Category: ]]

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