Type: Electric/Dark No. Scary ball Pokémon Stage: 1 Evolves from: Voltorb( trade with Bad Hat) Evolves into: none Height: 3'09 Weight: 150.09 Ability: Soundproof/Static Dex Entry: This foul-tempered beast explodes simply to scare others.


- sucker punch

- charge

- tackle

- sonicboom

- spark

5 tackle

8 sonicboom

12 spark

15 rollout

19 screech

22 light screen

26 charge beam

29 selfdestruct

35 swift

40 magnet rise

46 gyro ball

51 explosion

57 mirror coat


toxic hidden power taunt hyper beam light screen protect rain dance frustration thunderbolt thunder return shadow ball double team shock wave torment facade secret power rest thief charge beam endure embargo explosion payback giga impact flash thunder wave gyro ball dark pulse sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute