Iron (Magnemite)

Aevaroen Security Police
Name Sergeant Iron
Species Magnemite
Type(s) Electric/Steel
Height 1'01"
Weight 9.8 lbs.
Abilities Magnet Pull, Static, Sturdy, Levitate
Signature Moves
Color Category Metal grey
Special Abilities
  • Zaffre's Police (reorganised)
  • West Aevaroen Security Police (reorganised)
  • Aevaroen Security Police

Brigadier Iron is an officer in the Aevaroen Security Police, and Brihlzend's superior officer. He himself is subordinate to Lieutenant General Magneton Jr.

Personality and traits

Iron has a great deal of respect for Zaffre. He was the first to join him when he left Magnezone's police force.

Talents and abilities

In the Storyline

As with the other Security Police officers, Iron makes frequent appearances in the storyline, as a recurring character.

In Conspiracies Abound

In Conspiracies Abound, Iron is mentioned at times. Eventually he appears in the story. He has become a Captain.

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