Sequoiant is a large tree-like Grass/Steel-type Pokemon native to the Daisan Region. It evolves from Pineedl at LV: 50 or greater when leveled up at Archaeon Forest. Its name derives from 'sequoia' and 'giant'.


Sequoiant resembles a humanoid tree, with two arms, two legs, and a relatively cylindrical body. It stands a tremendous 25 feet high or more, making it one of the tallest known Pokémon. This Pokémon clearly lacks a mouth, yet it is able to communicate verbally and effectively. How it does this is not certain.

Gender differences

The difference between the male and female Sequoiant is very slight and it is difficult to see it if you only glance at the Pokémon. The male Sequoiant has four thin green bands on its body, while the female has two thin green bands and a single thick central band. In terms of personality, all Sequoiant tend to be similar.

Personality tendencies

Sequoiant often comes across as intimidating due to its great size. However, Sequoiant is actually a very kindhearted Pokémon and will welcome any Pokémon that deserves to be welcomed into the forest it inhabits. It will protect any Pokémon that lives in its forest from any threat, often putting its life on the line. Almost certainly the only time when Sequoiant is hostile is when something threatens its home or the Pokémon living in it, such as humans carrying out deforestation.

Abilities and interesting traits

One only has to glance at a Sequoiant to know that it is a very powerful Pokémon. This Pokémon is indeed very strong. This power developed over time as a means of protecting its home. Sequoiant is also surprisingly resistant to fire, considering that it is a Grass/Steel-type Pokémon.

Habitat and habits

Sequoiant has never been reported in the wild outside of a forest or the site of a former forest. It is highly protective of its forest and any Pokemon that reside in it. If humans come to destroy its forest, Sequoiant will try to drive them out.

You are Sequoiant

The valor of your species is admired by Pokémon and people alike. Your great size is intimidating but those who are brave enough to come out and meet you find a great friend in you. You are generally very kindhearted and will protect your friends in any way you can. But you are angered by those who destroy nature and can become violent trying to protect it…


Type: Grass/Steel

Egg type: Grass

Ability: Heatproof

Signature move: None

Base Stats

HP: 90

ATK: 168

DEF: 124

SP ATK: 45

SP DEF: 138



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