Satsukoro (lit. "split heart" or "split soul") is a major recurring character in Pokémon XD^3: The Waves of Truth. He is voiced by Ross Douglas.

General Information

After first appearing to Rich's group near the Iron Temple, Satuskoro made several appearances randomly while still remaining anonymous. Eventually, he formally appeared for the first time in Payapa Village, challenging and utterly defeating Paul as punishment for intentionally injuring his Kangaskhan.

His true nature remains a mystery. It is unknown if he is an eccentric ally or a brilliant enemy at the moment. Regardless, he is cold and emotionless, rarely showing much of any kind of feeling.

Satsukoro uses his Pokémon in various practical ways. For example, he uses his Rampardos as a method of quick riding transportation. Also, he has a retainer of sorts in the form of a Lucario named Luca, who can speak like a human. Luca has a very strong sense of honor and valor, though is eccentric like its master.

In addition, Satsukoro is a skilled swordsman, possessing a blade of golden steel that has the ability to absorb energy blasts.

Pokémon on Hand







-Lucario (Luca)

Mystery of Satsukoro

Satsukoro's past---and much of his present personality---are shrowded in mystery. There is some speculation that he may have held some kind of official title in the past, as Luca sometimes addresses him as "Lord Satsukoro-sama" (something that seems to agitate Satsukoro himself).


-Satsukoro's design is somewhat based upon an InuYasha character named Goryomaru, also voiced by Ross Douglas.

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