ReabariRuycantor (#1130)Bolichano
ReabariRuycantor (#026)Bolichano

TypeNormal Flying
Weight43.7 lbs
Egg GroupsFlying

Ruycantor is one of the 386 fictional species of Pokémon creatures to appear in Pokémon Quartz, a fan made game. It's Reabari's first satge.


The name Ruycantor may be from a Spanish bird.

Pokédex Entry

RUYCANTOR's singing voice reminds to opera singers. The way this POKéMON some scientists think RUYCANTORS are able to learn humans language or at least repeat words with no sense, as a parrot.

Evolution Line

Reabari envolves to Ruycantor at level 22. Ruycantor doesn't envolve.

Reabari Level 22 Ruycantor
Reabari >>> Ruycantor

Game Location

Envolves from Reabari.

Move List

Learned by leveling up.

Level Move Type Category
1 Growl Normal Status
1 Peck Flying Physical
1 Quick Attack Normal Physical
1 Focus Energy Normal Status
4 Focus Energy Normal Status
8 Quick Attack Normal Physical
13 Wing Attack Flying Physical
19 Double Team Normal Status
28 Endeavor Normal Physical
38 Aerial Ace Flying Physical
49 Agility Psychic Status

Learned by TM and HM.

TM/HM Move Type Category
TM06 Toxic Poison Status
TM10 Hidden Power Normal Special
TM11 Sunny Day Fire Status
TM15 Hyper Beam Normal Special
TM17 Protect Normal Status
TM18 Rain Dance Water Status
TM21 Frustration Normal Physical
TM27 Return Normal Physical
TM32 Double Team Normal Status
TM40 Aerial Ace Flying Physical
TM42 Facade Normal Physical
TM43 Secret Power Normal Physical
TM44 Rest Psychic Status
TM45 Attract Normal Status
TM46 Thief Dark Physical
TM47 Steel Wing Steel Physical
HM02 Fly Flying Physical


HP Attack Deffense Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed
EV's 0 0 0 0 0 2
Base 60 85 60 50 50 125


These are the sprites as seen in the Pokémon Quartz game.

Front Sprite Back Sprite
Shiny Front Sprite Shiny Back Sprite

In the video games

Ruycantor appears in the Pokémon Quartz game as Reabari's first stage, the first Flying-type Pokémon you can catch on the beggining of your journey.

External links

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