Runecraft is a Pokemon fanfiction classed as a fantasy adventure by Arcanine Royale. It is set in the region of Yorkshire. Arcanine Royale seems to have given up on this project, however, as he has only added one chapter since he posted the prologue on the first of 2007.

Runecraft features a farmer's son by the name of Ross who comes upon a mystical rune. He soon meets up with a powerful mage and bard by the name of Aodh and his burgeoning apprentice Cearule. Ross is also joined by a half-elf called Aesri.

Name Runecraft
AuthorArcanine Royale
Posted At SPPf,PE2K,Pokemon Valley
Began Prologue posted January 1,2007
Finished --
Genre(s) Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Rating PG to PG-13
Followed By: Witchcraft
Point of View 3rd Objective/Omniscient