Biker Antonio

L19 Roselia

L19 Staravia

L19 Wooper

Biker Axel

L19 Bibarel

L19 Zubat

L19 Pachirisu

Biker Lenny

L19 Tentacool

L19 Gastly

L19 Raichu

Picnicker Catalina

L20 Roselia

L22 Goldeen

Camper Lance

L20 Dratini

L22 Luxio

Rich Boy Dario

L20 Geodude

L22 Wingull

L21 Hippopotas

Lady Sheila

L20 Shroomish

Rainy Area

Pokemon Ranger Lukas&Pokemon Ranger Denise

L22 Swellow[Male] L22 Noctowl[Female]

L22 Swellow[Male] L22 Gloom[Female]

Scientist Enfenando

L22 Luxio

L22 Magnemite

L23 Elekid

Biker Forrest

L21 Zubat

L21 Pachirisu

Collector Pierre

L23 Weepinbell

L24 Weepinbell

L22 Weepinbell

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