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A stock archetype in pokemon fanfiction, the rival character is generally based off the rival character of the Pokemon games or else Gary of the pokemon show (who was himself based off the rival of the games). It is similar to the rivals that show up in other varieties of fiction, but is more specific. A rival character typically has most or all of the following traits in addition to being a rival:

  • A trainer
  • From the same hometown
  • Starts at the same time as the main character
  • Better-off than the main character, from simply being richer to being of high status in the town and/or a close relative of the professor or other character distributing pokemon.
  • Mocks and hates main character.
  • Battles main character immediately after getting pokemon. (Recurring rival characters often beat the main character. Rival characters that are not recurring always lose.)
  • Almost always male, although some female characters will have female rivals.